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My Hero Returns

Carwin vs Lesnar – UFC 116

UFC 116 is tomorrow night! I’d make a prediction, but after Fedor lost to Werdum, anything can happen…. There’s no predicting this sport.


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Youtube Downloader

I got home from work a couple of days ago and saw the new Mortal Kombat Rebirth mentioned in an article on Google News. After watching in awe at a video game movie that shows some promise, I began searching for a way to download and keep this video on my PC. I run Ubuntu, so I figured it would be a little more difficult to find something than if I ran Windows.

To my surprise, there is a nice command-line Python utility called youtube-dl. Since it’s Python, it will run on any platform: Windows, Mac, or Linux. There’s a guide on how to install, and various features… just run youtube-dl -h for more information.

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Panic Attack!

This is very cool. It was made on a $300 budget.

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